‘Night After Night’ Wooyoung got played by IU & needed Seulong’s help to get close to her [2011.04.1

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    With regards to his co-star in ‘Dream High,’ Wooyoung revealed how he once got played by IU.

    For this Aprill 11th broadcast of SBS ‘Night After Night’, Wooyoung was joined by fellow 2PM member Taecyeon, as well as 2AM’s Seulong. Wooyoung stated that he tried very hard to get close to IU. Wooyoung confessed “IU really puts up a front, so it was hard for us to get close. I couldn’t even ask her for her number, so I asked Seulong to indirectly text her for me.”

    To this, Seulong revealed “I got a text back from IU saying ‘Oppa! We probably won't get to know each other until the last day of shooting, right?’, which made Wooyoung really depressed.”

    Wooyoung responded to this by saying “I had no idea she’d be that cold. But for the sake of the drama, I kept trying to talk to her. So in order for us to get close, we decided to go out to eat, but it wasn’t easy.”

    At this, Taecyeon revealed “At first they looked like they weren’t all that close and then suddenly, I hear that Wooyoung and IU went out to eat all by themselves.”

    Wooyoung responded to this accusation with “It’s true that we went out to eat, but we sat at different tables. So I thought that wasn’t right, so we promised to eat out again” and “So we went out with the staff to get ribeye. I felt really burdened by the price, but then IU said ‘If Wooyoung bought all this, then that would make him a really cool guy,’ and so after much consideration, I ended up paying the entire bill.”

    Wooyoung had the entire studio roaring with laughter when he revealed, “I got played by IU.”

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Sources: BNT News + XSports News
    Original Articles: http://news.nate.com/view/20110412n00280 + http://news.nate.com/view/20110412n00427

    NOTE: You can read IU's version of this story in Part 2 of her Daum yozm interview! Click here for the translation.
  2. Supermeyo01

    Supermeyo01 New Member

    milky couple is the best!! 우유 커플 짱!!
  3. yellownerdiness

    yellownerdiness Hearters

    finally ive been looking for a translation >.<
    haha you know the cute ones always have that secret to them :p
  4. nisa

    nisa Hearters

    Wow..i never thought there was so much stories between them...they seems close enough during dream high..no wonder IU keeps saying that they have an akward relationship..kudos to wooyoung for him to never give up
  5. cannonlee

    cannonlee Hearters

    isnt that lovely?
    but why IU wanna do that =\
    hmm... anyway... maybe thats her cute style of knowing new friend? haha
  6. squishyblob

    squishyblob Translators Staff Member

    IU was really just joking if you read the interview :) She was really intending to pay but found out wooyoung had already paid. I guess he took her words seriously XD Maybe it's guy pride or something...

    Thanks for the translation, jane! :)
  7. emily.

    emily. Hearters

    aww, that's sort of adorable but sort of sad ;_;
    LOL IU, what a cute troll you are -w- wooyoung is
    so cute LOL ):
  8. melonpop3

    melonpop3 Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for the translations! ^^
    Wow I was just reading the allkpop article on this...the comments LOL
    IU is a funny girl XD I guess she seems too innocent that people fall for her tricks easily!
    I want to hear IU's response to this XD
  9. wongeen

    wongeen Hearters

    New York
    Maybe it was just IU playing hard to get? XD
    I'm kind of confused about what "‘Oppa! There’s probably no need for us to get to know each other until the last day of shooting, right?’" means >< I have no idea whats shes trying to say or why its cold o_o anyone wanna clarify?

    Thanks for the translation Jane! ^^
  10. Bear

    Bear Hearters

    Hi everyone :) I'm new here but I just wanted to give my thoughts about this interview. I think sometimes certain details get lost in translation or in summaries of things and a more detailed description ( like a transcript or subs where each line is translated) may help clarify what he said/ how he said it a bit more. Anyways that's just my point of view :)
  11. nisa

    nisa Hearters

    I don't know for sure but probably it was due to the rumours that she really like woo and was following him around..this is way before dream high.. even she said herself that 2pm member also view her differently at that time.. maybe she is too embarrassed and don't want to make matter worst by deciding not to get close to him.. maybe right..but we never know
  12. wongeen

    wongeen Hearters

    New York
    That could be true but I still have no idea what she meant by saying "There’s probably no need for us to get to know each other until the last day of shooting, right?" Probably lost in translation >__<
  13. lynemuzik

    lynemuzik New Member

    LOL IU!
    she's probably just joking =p
    but either way milky couple <3
  14. elmi_iaia

    elmi_iaia Hearters

    hahaha...love this couple so much
    cant wait to see them again, maybe duet? kekeke
  15. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    Yes again, I was laughing at this whole thing. HAHAHA.
    Seriously, how cute can IU get? And Wooyoung actually fell of it. LMAO.
    But hey, that is a very gentleman act. :D

    Thanks for translating. (;
  16. Kyzuki

    Kyzuki Donators

    London, UK
    Haha! If IU said that to me, how could I not pay for the bill?
    I would have done it exactly like Wooyoung, and they got closer cause of it so that's all good :D

    Thanks for the translation!
  17. feinaenil

    feinaenil Hearters

    Having read both articles I felt uneasy about this whole controversy (allkpop)... I mean, if IU was really that 'stuck up' then Wooyoung wouldn't want to keep getting to know her and other people wouldn't be raving over her.. Really hoping someone correctly subs the Night After Night vids.
  18. angki

    angki Hearters

    i think iu just joking....
  19. Martian07

    Martian07 Hearters

    LOL, poor wooyoung but who could resist IU
  20. elavip

    elavip Hearters

    puhaha high five IU!! every guy wants to be close to our iu, but she must put on a front! how many antis she'll get from getting close to their 'oppa'.

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