‘Beauty and the Beast’ Park Jin Young + IU, Another Fantastic Harmony [2011.01.05]

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    With her ‘crazy 3-level octave’, the hottest trend IU has found perfect harmony with Park Jin Young.

    Off the OST for drama KBS2TV ‘Dream High’, IU has achieved a new harmony with Park Jin Young through the track ‘Someday.’ This song expresses the feelings of Pil Sook, IU’s character in the drama, and contains the heartfelt emotions of Pil Sook’s tough past.

    On the Jan 3rd broadcast of the first episode, IU’s brief appearance as a ‘sushi girl’ invoked much curiosity in viewers. Not only that, but the song ‘Someday’ is currently rising fast up the music charts, and is expected to achieve the same level of popularity as IU’s title track ‘Good Day.’

    Meanwhile, Pil Sook’s unique mature voice is enough to gain acknowledgement, but her unfortunate looks and heavy frame makes achieving stardom look highly doubtful.

    However, with an eye for success, the director of Kirin Arts School Jung Ha Myung (played by Bae Yong Joon) allows Pil Sook to pass her audition, and by stating “Just watch. That kid’s going to become very pretty,” has gotten viewers intensely anticipating Pil Sook’s upcoming physical transformation.

    Translation: janeberryblue @ WeHeartIU.com
    Source: newsen
    Original Article: http://newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201101050850521001
  2. chromo44

    chromo44 Donators

    they must've worked so hard to get IU to look ugly when she's so naturally beautiful :) :) I can't wait to see her sweet transformation, though!! also I want more scenes with her and jason!!! WooU couple ftw!!
  3. keeru

    keeru Hearters

    I'm too excited to see her transformation, I can't even believe my eyes when I saw her ;~;
    And I don't even know the costume she wear is a sushi /facepalm
  4. Blinknova

    Blinknova New Member

    Hahaz I laughed at the title xD
    Someday is a great song though, love it. =D
    Also, looking forward to her appearances on Dream High!
  5. Block-ster

    Block-ster Hearters

    This article just simply makes my day.
    Perhaps the sentence, “Just watch. That kid’s going to become very pretty”.
    Well, I was watching the raw ep so I have no idea of what they are talking about.
    And with this article, I finally understood what he is saying! Wow!
    What an intriguing sentence.
    &yes, I just simply love that song. <3 It's so awesome!
    Lastly, I really can't wait for the transformation.

    Thanks for the translation! :)
  6. burntbiscuit

    burntbiscuit Donators

    싱가포르! [Singapore]
    haha yeah when i watched the clip for episode two, her face looks so fat, like stuffed with lots of food or whatever. perhaps marshmallows? :) it was really weird watching IU in that "fat" style. hope to see her transformation soon!
    anyway, the song's with her voice is really good! :)

    lastly, thanks for the translation!~~
    and whats up with the title from newsen. hahaha.
  7. Kath

    Kath Hearters

    Pretty much the only song I like off the Dream High soundtrack. I wonder if she'll get some kind of typical k-drama makeover? lol
  8. Dreamerx33

    Dreamerx33 Hearters

    Hm? Park Jin Young? Did he compose this song? o_O
    OH RIGHTT. He's the person behind all the music related things in this drama!
    I like this song a lotttt. IU sounds so pretty.. As good as Good Day?!! That's a huge success :OO
    I'll be very surprised if this song does reach that level, considering it's not a single hehe
    Like everyone else, I was surprised at her physical appearance :eek: Wow make up artists! You people are good :eek: I couldn't even recognize her ):
    I've read that this drama will show.. the real entertainment industry? o.o *whispers* does that mean plastic surgery? D:
    We'll see.. we'll see... I can't wait for her physical transformation haha

    btw, WooU! <3
  9. chun334

    chun334 Hearters

    she is on a roll here!!!!
    jyp is so good at composing songs. grats to both i guess =)
  10. s.diduba

    s.diduba Hearters

    i really like someday.... i wish she continues singing songs like that.
  11. Gakki

    Gakki Hearters

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk................I'm so happy
  12. kardo46

    kardo46 Hearters

    Jakarta Indonesia
    wow i'm so happy to hear it

    i hope someday IU can sing song like that :D
  13. ultima

    ultima Hearters

    I guess IU's character maybe be of the "ugly duckling" types in Dream High :p
  14. melonpop3

    melonpop3 Moderator Staff Member

    It's a really nice song ^^
    Isn't it ironic also? How JYP didn't accept her audition?
    Haha, Jin Young recognizes her talent now ^^
    JYP's character is so funny in Dream High. I love it!
    Also notice how many JYP artists there are in Dream High? O___O

    Transformation next episode! She was pretty the whole time anyways.

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